Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I have been back to the gym now three months. I have been going regularly, maybe three or four times a week. I'm mixing up the cardio with light weights and starting to see a big difference.

I was always very active when I was back at school. I played football and our year even won the under sixteen's Northern Ireland Schools' cup.

It is amazing how you can be lulled into bad habits. When I left school I had more money and I would enjoy eating out. I did not maintain the level of fitness I had before.

Very slowly, over years, the pounds started to pile on. It happened so slowly that I didn't really notice. Nor do the people who see you on a regular basis. Or if these people did notice they said nothing. (There is a big social taboo about talking about other people's weight. Unless they bring the subject up, it is not the done thing. The only real exception would be a partner or a medical professional. )

Since I have started, I am have now reached the half way point to where I need to be to hit my recommended BMI ratio. (Body mass index.) I am eating more healthy food, really enjoying the exercise and my social life is improving.

There have been other benefits. My level of confidence has shot up. If I had never put on the weight in the first place this would never have happened. There is always something to be said about starting from a low position and making vast improvements. The effort, dedication and will-power is visible.

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