Friday, 18 June 2010

Too much choice.

I am easily distracted. I have two credit cards with thousands of pounds of available credit. I also have a large overdraft and thirty days off a year to go mad.

When you work in a mind numbing job, sometimes going mad really appeals. It is as if by losing yourself, you can also lose the pain of the unfulfilled dreams, the girlfriends that might have been and the hampered ambitions of youth.

Not to sound melodramatic - but the prisoner lives with certain advantages. He knows how long he has to serve. Once he accepts that, he can begin to develop and enrich his life. He might study for a degree, write a novel or learn to speak a second language.

In a 'free' society - it is all too easy to get distracted. In order to overcome the distractions of drink, numerous holidays and impulse buying, you need to also think about how easy it is to dig yourself into a financial hole.

It is not the grim reaper who is to be feared but a well polished salesman with the broadest of smiles, telling why you simply need the BM and detached house, in order to feel equal to your peers.

There is too much choice and far too little self control.

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