Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A delusional frame of mind.

It is amazing the lies that we tell ourselves.

There are those who believe that they are members of a very select few, who have been granted immortality by the author of all creation.

There are those who believe that they are destined for stardom, to be adorned and adored by millions across the globe.

There are those who convince themselves that their words will be discovered years after death, to be celebrated and discussed for millennia to come.

There are the pitiful loners, who delude themselves that when the stars align, their beloved will come rushing home.

We all on occasion need affection and recognition. Yet, when this is lacking, it is so tempting to self-mythologize, to lie and convince ourselves that our day will come.

On that day, all pain will be forgotten and all history wiped clean.

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