Thursday, 29 January 2009

Nanook and The Onion Ceremony.

This week I bought an EP by a band called Nanook. Drummer Mike Patton and singer songwriter Colin McMurray were classmates way back! The EP itself is a fantastic piece of work! Of course, it's difficult for me to be objective but some of the songs are availabe on their MySpace site. So anyone can check it out for themselves. (www.MySpacecom/nanooklive )

One of the things that listening to this brought back to me was memories of 'The Onion Ceremony.' Mike was in my chemistry class and the last time I heard him play live was drum rolling on the wooden desks at the end of said ceremony.

Our chemistry teacher, Barney Rubble (his real name will be withdrawn for legal reasons!) had a white box he kept at the back. After every test, there was always someone who came last. On such occassions, if you were the unlucky individual, your name and the date was place on this 'hat'. You then had to wear it while you slowly moved around the class, everyone chanting 'onion...onion...onion..' When you had made your circuit, you had to knell in front of the teacher and repeat after him... 'owhatsa assama' Then he would ask, 'What was that?" to which the class would respond 'Oh, what an ass I am!" This was followed by a minute of the class drum rolling on their desks. I think it was Mike who started this aspect of the ceremony! I don't think anyone ever came last twice! And yes, it did happen to me once.

My memories of Colin were that he was a bit quieter but also approachable. I think he once promised to bring his guitar into RE class at the end of term but I missed this somehow. I think I might have had to play a football match against the teachers. When I bump into him in the street he will always say hello. He's a good guy. He has also now worked with some distinguished artists such as Iain Archer.

It's great to see people who you have known follow their ambitions and dreams. And guys, if you ever get to read this good luck!

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