Sunday, 18 January 2009

On Fatherhood.

This week another one of my friends become a father for the first time. There is some justice in this, as the last time we were in London we got stopped several times by the police for being suspected members of 'Fathers for Justice'! It probably didn't help that we were dressed in superhero outfits. The police had a legitimate reason to ask why several grown men were travelling throughout London dressed as Captain America, Batman, Thor, Robin and The Punisher..., but really it was only a stag weekend! The highlight was how popular we had become under such a transformation. The Sophia song 'Big City Rot' paints London in the following light: "No one smiles and the weather is shitty." To the contrary, every few footsteps we were getting stopped and asked for photos by tourists with grinning faces! One tourist even asked who we were and got the reply 'The Punisher and Captain A Hole'. Not a very pretty picture. And when another woman asked Thor where his hammer was, he couldn't deliver what he wanted to say. Instead he murmered, "I dropped it." Since when has Thor been so mellow and sensitive?
But in all seriousness, fatherhood really isn't about running around the streets of central London disturbing the tourists by inflicting images of pot bellied superheroes with a dial-a-thong Thor. It's actually a very scary situation. Another person is totally helpless and relies on you 100 per cent. It must also change your perspective as well, things that you once thought important are emptied of importance, while the boring stuff gets transformed into something meaningful and life changing. Fatherhood won't happen to me for a long time yet but it is a beautiful thing.

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