Friday, 6 February 2009

without perspective

It's been a long week, so much change and I feel emotionally drained. They say that to be a writer one must continue to write no matter what the quality of the output. It is later you can edit, re-arrange or rethink what has been written. I see the point but I really don't feel the energy to focus at the moment. I lack perspective.

Every morning and evening I spend my time reading on the train when travelling to and from work. My reading material at the moment is "The End Of The Affair" by Graham Greene. It is one of those novels I have just picked up and decided to give a go. I have heard of this writer but I am not familiar at all with his work or biography.

I also lack perspective trying to review what I have read as I haven't finished yet. One important point that was made in the book was that people tend to build up habits of a lifetime (such as writing) and only sadness actually can interupt this. You can have a passionate love affair and get back to work as if nothing happened. Sadness can effect everything and even though you can force the piece of writing it somehow comes out contrived- no matter how well you have mastered your technique.

So I have a train to catch in ten minutes and I sit in a computer cafe, writing off the cuff. I will probably edit what I have written on Sunday when I have a chance to read it. Until then, it is Graham Greene, a train journey and a few drinks with friends in my home town!

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