Monday, 7 September 2009


It has been over a week now since I got back from London. It was a fantastic weekend. Every time I go there for a break or with work, my desire to move to the big smoke is renewed.

If I ever do manage to fulfill this desire, it will be next year before it happens. The book I am writing will probably take another month or so to finish. This is plan number one. If I achieve the freedom to live at the edge of society as a published author, I can start doing what I do best full time. i.e. be an observer of life and be creative with that.

If the publishing contract does not transpire- and let's be honest, this is the more likely option- then it's back to the job hunting. At least that way I can start on another fresh novel once I am there. I am encouraged by something that Eddie Vedder said recently: "Try something a hundred times and then ask yourself if you are any good at it." I will never write a hundred novels but I should be getting better the more books I finish.

Of course, even if I always fail to get published, this will still be a worthwhile activity. The primary thing is staying creative and open to the possibility of living the life I want to live.

Who knows where I will be in a years time.

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