Monday, 14 September 2009

Psychological Blockage in Adolescence

It is especially difficult for a young adult to pass judgement on the the ideas that prevail at any given time. Part of the conflict of adolescence is spawned around the need for acceptance, coupled with the counter desire to express and portray an unique identity.

People can get stuck here for years. The effects of such blockage can range from mild depression, anxiety, anger and compulsive behaviors.

It is no accident that most writers first get published in their thirties. It can sometimes take that long to get beyond the psychological blockage of adolescence.

The book that I am writing at the moment deals with these kind of issues. One of the common pitfalls with someone experiencing these conflicting desires is how their self regard is inflated, so that their understanding of others is seriously affected. This of course, does not help the individual at all. How they might navigate their life into calmer waters is hampered if they can not see the obstacles for what they are.

Still, the pain of adolescence is like a second birth, if one is able to come through it. One also gets to learn about self-criticism, once the self regard of the obsessed teenager is overcome.

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